Peter eased me into the world of golf as my trainer. As a beginner I saw results immediately, benefiting from Peter's experienced eye and firm encouragement. After three lessons, my wild swing is now tame and I've been able to get pretty consistent shots. I recommend to any beginning golfer to borrow an old set of clubs and invest in Peter's expertise. A good grip, consistent swing and perfect contact from Peter's example is a much wiser investment than on a shiny new set of clubs.  Michael Fong

  I have known Peter and had 10 lessons from him over a period of 2 years. My experience in golf was practically zero prior to taking lessons so being a blank canvas was good for me as well as Peter, since I had no inherent bad habits to unravel. Not that that would have been a problem for him to deal with. I couldn’t have wished for a better teaching professional. I find Peter to be extremely knowledgeable, and pays the utmost attention to detail. He conducts himself in a friendly manner while at the same time gets his instruction understood by the student and does so with boundless patience. I have come a long way thanks to Peter. His enthusiasm for the game and for life in general is infectious and it most certainly rubs off on his students. It is not only a pleasure to have lessons with him but it is also a pleasure to know him.  

Kevin Lees

  For the past 2 years I have kick started my golfing season by taking lessons from Peter, and my game has very much improved. He is an excellent instructor who displays an ability to customize his teaching to the student's needs, listen to their concerns (health, game and others) and help them work around any difficulties they are experiencing. He is very personable and knowledgeable. As a woman, I found it very refreshing to work with a Pro who didn't talk down to me, or treat me, or my sister, who is a novice golfer, with condescension. Peter also worked with my nephew and instilled some great golf habits into him. I would be pleased to recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to golf or just to fine tune their game.  

Edna Klazek

  I have enlisted the help of Peter on two occasions and he was great to work with. He has definitely helped my golf game. I will likely seek him out every couple of years for a refresher, and I have recommended him to friends and colleagues.  

Craig Wilson  

  Peter taught golf lessons to both of my sons over several years. We found him to be very knowledgeable with an easy going manner that made the lessons very enjoyable. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone looking to learn or improve on their golf game.  
Tim Packer                                                                                      

  Peter definitely improved my game, I figure he took 7 to 10 strokes off my average round.  

Robert Weckman

  I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter. I have seen him working with both children and adults and he has a nice manner and approach to his work.

Richard Atwooll